Biote is the leading innovator in hormone optimization offering personalized hormone therapy and high-grade nutraceuticals to patients who want to take charge of their health as they age. Biote has more than 4,700 medical practitioners in network across more than 2,800 clinics nationwide with over 2.5 million pellet procedures to date. Biote is at the frontier of bioidentical hormone replacement research and is transforming healthcare through their innovative practices.


d2’s partnership with Biote has truly developed innovation in the medical marketing and sales field. d2 works in parallel with the internal marketing team developing online solutions driving patient opportunities to the practitioners as well as new clinic opportunities growing the network. Biote leverages d2 to develop both creative and technical solutions that automate patent signup, drive marketing leads, sells online nutraceuticals, innovates new connections with customers, educates patients and supports sales efforts.

What We Did

  • Brand Building
  • UX Design
  • Visual Design
  • Video Production
  • CRM Integration
  • Back Office Integration
  • Marketing Automation
  • E-Commerce Store
  • Presentation Support
  • Digital Collateral
  • Live/Virtual Event
  • Sales Portal
  • Site Development
  • Campaigns
  • Mobile Solutions
  • Product Branding
  • Tradeshow Development
  • Virtual Meetings
  • Online Training
  • Digital Signage
  • Video Wall
  • Package Design
  • Financial Presentation
  • Nasdaq Billboard Animation

Results and Impact

Biote has seen growth in both revenue and new practice locations since working with d2. Biote is now scheduled to launch on Nasdaq the end of May 2022. Biote has more than 102K contacts through the site and captured more than 3,300 new practitioner opportunities through marketing efforts. Throughout the day Biote trends toward 20 new leads an hour driven through online, campaigns, ad buys, in office QR codes and much more.