AstroRobotics is the first military-grade all-terrain-legged robot for commercial use. “Astro” is a GhostRobotics Visions series legged robot that features a fifth-gen all-terrain robotic platform providing groundbreaking commercial application capabilities.

AstroRobotics are innovators in a new frontier of AI autonomous platforms. Educating and marketing a product for a new industry can sometimes be a daunting task. However, d2 took this project on and has developed a spectacular marketing platform to build on.


d2 and Astro started the project with brand development and launch of their identity and online presence. d2 worked as an extension of AstroRobotics building a site to drive commercial applications and partnerships. The goal is to find real interest from developers to integrate solutions with the mobile compute platform.

What We Did

  • Brand Building
  • UX Design
  • Visual Design
  • Video Production
  • Analytics & Strategy
  • Search Engine Optimization

Results and Impact

Over the last year, AstroRobotics has launched to the market with engagement from integrators and corporate interest. AstroRobotics has been seen throughout Dallas in surveillance tests, in dangerous environments completing tasks and even showcased at Dallas Mavericks events. As we continue to educate the market, engagement on the site continues to grow.